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English only in Valle Verdei: The unequal racial formations derived from
English-only policies in a northern Colorado school district - by Michael Brydge - Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Excellence – Colorado State University - Fall 2011  >>>

Species Diversification in Eriogonum umbellatum var. aureum, majus, and umbellatum in the Colorado Rocky Mountains - by Erica Arcibal - Undergraduate Research Journal at the University of Northern Colorado - vol. 1, no. 1 2011  >>>

2010 Colorado Senate Race: How Bennet Defeated Buck - by Malissa Candland - Student Pulse - Mar 8, 2011 - The 2010 Colorado Senate race was one of the most contentious and hard-fought races in the country during the 2010 election cycle  >>>

The Battle of Sand Creek: Strategic Scapegoats and Military Martyrs
by Brian Peterson - Undergraduate Research Journal at UCCS - Spring 2009   >>>
An Exercise in Deception: John M. Chivington at the Battle of Glorieta Pass by Mertis Smith - Undergraduate Research Journal at UCCS - Spring 2009 >>>

Katrina's Children: An Analysis of Educational Outcomes Among Displaced Children in Colorado - by Krista Richardson - Colorado State University - 2009 >>>

Bridging the Gap Between the Old and Young (a study of CSU students' attitudes toward older adults) - Courtney McAlister and Megan Dawn McHenry - Colorado State University Research Project - 2006  >>>
Public Perceptions of Flash Flood False Alarms: A Denver, Colorado Case Study - by Lindsey Barnes - University of Colorado, Colorado Springs - 2006 >>>

The Place of Fire - by Hannah Brenkert - University of Colorado, Boulder - 2005 (a study of Colorado residents' reactions to wildfires) >>>

Educator works

Local Distance Education Students: An Academic Library’s Services to Students Across the State of Colorado - by Bethany Sewell - Colorado Libraries Vol. 35, no.4 (2011) >>>

Math Branding in a Community College Library – by Malcolm Brantz and Edward B. Sadowski - Community & Junior College Libraries, v16 n3 p153-156 2010  >>>

Research Library Collaboration in Colorado – The Birth and Early Evolution of CARL - by Steven Fisher - Collaborative Librarianship, Volume 1 Number 3 (12 August 2009)  >>>


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