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Emergency incident management along the Front Range
- by Louis E. Guzman - Pikes Peak Community College The Pikes Peak News - Nov. 24, 2011  >>>

CSU-Pueblo to recruit students from China - by Ye Ming -- CSU-Pueblo Today -- Nov. 19, 2011  >>>

New research journal recognizes undergraduates' work -- by Michael Shull -- UNC Mirror -- Nov. 17, 2011  >>>

Rocky Mountain high -- Ward: the hippie community hugged by trees -- by Adam Steininger -- UCD Advocate -- Nov. 15, 2011  >>>

Homeless Gear helps children in need - Local organization helps struggling families - by Michael Bettis - CSU Rocky Mountain Collegian - May 16, 2011  >>>

(Editorial) Journalism undergraduates: Take your future into your own hands, your education is up to you - by Kate Spencer - CU Independent - April 29, 2011 >>>

"Just Friends" highlights Regis students' immigration struggles and triumphs - by Angela Shugarts - Regis Highlander - April 5, 2011  >>>

Campus’ firearms stay under surveillance - UNC Police Department offers gun locker for students living in restricted areas - by Amber Baillie - UNC Mirror - February 15, 2010  >>>

Imbalanced enrollment (gender imbalance in majors)by Speak Out – CU Independent – Feb. 25, 2010  >>>

Confessions of an escort girl: On sex, love, and all the naughty bits in between - by Natalie Bui - CU Independent - February 4, 2010 >>>

Collegian journalists earn national awards for investigative reporting -- by Aaron Montoya -- CSU RSMC -- Jan. 10, 2010
(About national award-winning investigative reporting articles on former Colorado State University president and Fort Collins police chief by CSU Rocky Mountain Collegian student journalists J. David McSwane and Aaron Hedge)  >>>

News about college journalism in Colorado

Two community colleges announce journalism degree programs in 2011:
Arapahoe Community College and Community College of Denver

Mesa State, Colo. Press Assn. team to assist papers, students >>>

TRIVIA: The University of Colorado student newspaper Campus Press (now called the CU Independent) was the first online newspaper in Colorado, beginning in April, 1994.

Colorado collegiate student newspapers

>Adams State College: The Paw Print
>Colorado Community College of Denver Campus Connection
>Colorado Mesa University: The Criterion
>Colorado State University (Fort Collins): Rocky Mountain Collegian
>Colorado State University (Pueblo): CSU Pueblo Today
>Fort Lewis College: The Independent
>Metropolitan State College: The Metropolitan
>Pikes Peak Community College:  The Pikes Peak News
>Regis University: Highlander
>University of Colorado (Boulder) CU Independent
>University of Colorado (Denver): Advocate
>University of Denver: The Clarion
>University of Northern Colorado: The Mirror

Colorado Issues journal
Colorado issues by Colorado students
The best scholarly and journalistic writing by
the Colorado academic
Congratulations to the Society of Professional Journalists 2011 Region 9 Mark of Excellence winners in collegiate journalism.  >>>
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Topic ideas for research papers and articles  >>>
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Eli Boardman, a kid who has published a neighborhood newspaper in Boulder since he was six. (It’s got be some kind of record.) If he’s still doing it while in college, he might be a future contributor in COjourn.  >>>
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Kudos to Colorado's I-News for providing journalism education for
K-12 and high school students.